Pupil from Young Writers Workshop 2018

'I really enjoyed it! This amazing workshop rejuvenated my imagination... If only I could come again!!'


Pupil from Slade Primary - Macbeth Primary Tour (VSU) 2018

'I think the play (Macbeth) was brilliant, I really liked how you included people from the audience to help you during the play. Furthermore, I think you all really get inside the character's shoes which made me feel like I was actually there. You have really inspired me for the Year 6 play at the end of the year. Thank you so much.'


One of our Science Week providers

'This was my first experience of the Sevenoaks school outreach programme and I hope it won’t be my last. The aspiration that Science week at Sevenoaks school offers to children and teachers alike, is hard to equal. Opening their eyes to quality facilities and ideas, new technology and a means to access it, felt like everyone was leaving with energy renewed. There was a clear buzz about the place, which at the end of term is pretty unusual! Science week feels like such an inclusive environment for others in the area. A way to create a stronger education community and a means to offer something fresh and exciting at a point in the year when learning can feel a bit too hard. For us, it was great to get such a diverse community in one place, and to learn from them all.'


Liz Mitchell- Headteacher from Seal CEP School

'When we need inspiration, Graeme is always on hand to advise, support and provide the best experience; nothing is too much trouble for Graeme and Sevenoaks School. They really have transformed and improved the curriculum offer at Seal and schools across Sevenoaks as a result of their commitment to the community.'


Holmesdale School attended the Frances Hardinge book talk 2017:

'Thank you for organising the Frances Hardinge event. My students thoroughly enjoyed the morning and all are now avidly reading her books.'


Shoreham Village Primary students attended a day of robotics 2017:

'Thank you for giving us the experience of the best technology day in the whole world yesterday when we came to Sevenoaks School. We were all very excited to find out what we were going to be doing and we couldn't believe that we could design, make and control a robot all in one day. Your lessons were inspirational and we have learned a lot about robots, programming, coding, laser-cutting and lots more. The laser-cutting was our favourite because we watched something we had designed come to life and it was amazing to see how precise it was. We can also copy code and edit it to make it do what we need it do do. The end results - our actual robots - were amazing and we are really proud of what we learned and achieved. The lunch was lovely and totally delicious; for some of us it was the best lunch we'd had. Thank you for lending us the VR headsets too as that was another 'first' experience for us and, altogether, you have really made our 'Tomorrows World' project come to life.'


Gifted & talented summer school student 2017

'I loved it and everyone was really kind and it was an incredible experience for me.'


Vinehall School visited us to watch our physical theatre production, Mnemonic:

'Our Year 8 pupils and accompanying staff were so impressed with the highly polished and inventive production, the amazing technical effects, effective costumes and lighting, not to mention the hugely talented and creative cast. It was a privilege for our pupils to attend and I know they learned a great deal, especially about physical theatre and working as a team.  Many thanks for inviting Vinehall to visit your superb theatre for such a special occasion.'


St. Gregory's Catholic School also watched our physical theatre production, Mnemonic:

'Thank you so much for inviting us to see your wonderful show and your marvellous performers in action. My students were very impressed ('West -End quality') and inspired - the Year 13's are currently devising and I sense some of your ideas and concepts will be liberated and replicated.'


Otford Primary School received one of our Outreach boxes, and a set of Micro:bits for each year 6 child:

'The children and staff have been very impressed with the Micro:bits and they cannot wait to learn more! We are very thankful for the support from Sevenoaks School, in particularly Mr Lawrie, and look forward to enhancing provision for the children over the year.'


A number of primary school teachers came to an ICT networking day, hosted at Sevenoaks School: 

Yesterday was incredibly useful and I came back home very excited by all the possibilities. I think what you managed to achieve at yesterday's meeting was to get people excited about IT again . Mainly the ones that are perhaps not so confident  when it comes to teaching it. So thank you very much once again and I will definitely be knocking at your door for not only your resources but your ideas and guidance too .