Wednesday 3 March

KS1 - Design and 3D print a rocket-car based on Bloodhound SSC 

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An Introduction to 3D Printing

Car template 

An introduction to 3D printing with BLOODHOUND Education. Years 1 or 2 (6 or 7 year olds). Learn about the Bloodhound project and its attempt to break the land speed record by travelling at 1000 miles an hour in a specially designed rock car. Learn about 3d printing and the Bloodhound LSR. Build your own rocket car and race it. This workshop is led by Mr Alex Colenso, Head of Technology at Sevenoaks School.

Those taking part would need the following materials:

  • Safety Scissors
  • Car template
  • Glue stick/Sello Tape
  • Foam sheet or cardboard from small delivery box
  • Barbeque skewer
  • 1 straw
  • 1 Balloon.



KS4 & KS5 - What is Bioengineering?

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A relatively new engineering discipline, Biomedical Engineering draws upon aspects from various engineering disciplines applied to applications in medicine. In this talk, Dr David Roche, Physics teacher at Sevenoaks School, will explore with you some of the key areas within this rapidly growing field.


Slow squid anatomy drawing 

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Mr Charley Openshaw, Head of Art at Sevenoaks School, leads this slow drawing workshop. This short session explores the power of looking in a deliberately prolonged manner. Intending to notice aspects of visual appearances that might be overlooked in the everyday rush, we will use drawing as a tool but the activity is simply looking. All that is required is a pencil/pen and some paper. 


KS4 - Rat Dissection 

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In this virtual dissection, we will show you how to dissect a rat to highlight the major mammalian organ systems. The rat's skin and abdominal muscles will be peeled away, revealing its digestive and urinary systems. Its small intestine will be removed from its body and stretched out, revealing just how long it is! I will also show how to crack open its chest cavity to inspect its tiny lungs and heart. Ms Emily de Villiers, Biology teaacher at Sevenoaks School, will lead this session which will be followed by a live Q&A.

Please note that this session contains detailed upclose footage of a live dissection and only recommended for students in Year 10+ 


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