Tuesday 2 March

KS4 Squid Dissection 

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Join this session where we’ll be exploring the anatomy of one of the most remarkable invertebrates on earth, the squid, through dissection and discussion. Mr John Witton, Biology teacher at Sevenoaks School will be leading this session.



KS2 & KS3 - Liquid Nitrogen 

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We all know that you can’t hammer in a metal nail with a banana….but is that always the case? Join Mr James Tate, Head of Physics at Sevenoaks School, as we use liquid nitrogen to explore the fascinating world of cryogenics and learn what happens when items are cooled down by 200°C.  See materials behave in ways you never thought possible.


Year 10 - 13 - Communicating the next collider: the role of the media in progressing science 

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What would your elevator pitch for the Future Circular Collider be? Submit your ideas here

In this workshop, Dr Matthew Chalmers, editor of CERN Courier magazine, discusses the vital role of science communication in the success of enormous projects such as the Large Hadron Collider.

How did a subject as esoteric as particle physics come to dominate the news headlines in September 2008? Why won’t further progress happen without public buy-in, and how can physicists convince governments to invest in blue-sky research at a time when challenges such as climate change and pandemics demand solutions?

Come along prepared to develop your own “elevator pitch” for CERN’s next collider in this online event.


Matthew Chalmers is an award-wining science journalist who was appointed chief editor of the CERN Courier in 2016 and joined CERN as a staff member in 2017. After completing a PhD in experimental particle physics at CERN in the late 1990s, Matthew undertook an MSc in science communication at Imperial College London followed by an internship at New Scientist magazine. He then worked for 5 years as features editor of Physics World magazine before establishing a career as an independent journalist and consultant writing across the physical sciences for publications including Nature, New Scientist and BBC Focus and delivering training in science communication to early-career scientists.


KS4 - Adult - The Fascinating World of Proteins 

Their structures, evolution, and roles in diseases and ageing.

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In this cross-disciplinary talk, Professor Dame Janet Thornton, director emeritus at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), will describe the world of proteins - the molecules that are the workhorses of biology. She will talk about their beautiful structures, what they do, their evolution and the recent breakthrough in predicting them by the deep learning programme AlphaFold. Lastly she will consider how genetic variations are translated into protein variations, which can cause diseases and ageing.

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