Friday 5 March

Year 6-8 - Think Universe! Science and the accidental story of Humanity in Paradise

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Talk led by Dr Francisco Diego - We explore the amazing discoveries around the nature and development of the Universe. A fascinating process with a unique and very simple origin, where a handful of fundamental particles started an endless process of assembly, always following simple rules, but sometimes driven by chaotic and catastrophic events along inconceivably long periods of time. We learn how all forms of life share the same basic chemical structures and how the entirety of humankind had a common origin not that long ago; all of us part of a single global family, living in a fragile and unique paradise. Confronting the tragic contradictions created by the power of our technological 'civilisation', there is a desperate need for balance,invoking and learning from ancestral wisdom and prophecies, for the long-term survival of the human race.

Please be prepared to ask many questions and even be controversial if you like. This opportunity is fundamental for your future career, whatever you decide to do.

About Dr Francisco Diego

Year 9 - Life on other Worlds 

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Does life exist on other planets? How can we find out? What will ‘life’ look like there? Will we recognise it when we see it? Why should it matter?

Aliens have fascinated humans for generations, featuring in literature, art and popular culture. As we understand more about the universe and the origins of life on Earth, can we finally answer the question – ‘are we alone in the universe?’

This talk is led by Dr Matt Edwards, Biology teacher and Head of Upper School at Sevenoaks School 

Year 11 -  Lies, Models and Imagination 

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Do teachers lie? What is the truth in science? Is science a creative and imaginative process? In this talk we will look at the importance of not knowing, the challenges of imagining what real life might be like and will finally reveal some scientific truths. (Disclaimer: We may not find any scientific truths). This session is led by Dr Paul McKeating, Chemistry teacher at Sevenoaks School.

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