Competitions & Challenges

Throughout STEMagination Week we will be hosting a range of competitions and challenges for local schools to get involved in; from photography competitions to our very own STEM Bake Off!

Great Sevenoaks Science Bake-off

Your challenge is to recreate anything to do with Science in a cake or biscuit form for a chance to be deemed one of our Star Bakers. You will be judged on your ingenuity, creativity and 'how easy it is to recognise the science you are trying to depict'. Judges will be Sevenoaks' own version of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.

Photographic evidence of your creations to be uploaded here.


STEM Treasure Hunt

Put your research skills to the test in a timed challenge to search online for clues online, crack codes and find the treasure. Compete individually or as a team of up to four people and submit your answers and the time that it takes you to find them here


STEMagination Week Photography Competition

We are holding a STEM themed photography competition for local schools. All age groups are welcome to take part. You can submit a photo for any of the following seven categories:

  • Movement: hint – e.g. flight/seed dispersal/evaporating mist/effects of wind.
  • Zooming in (close up photography): hint – e.g. insects/crystals/materials.
  • Materials, elements and power: hint – e.g. water, electricity, glass, wood, metal, water.
  • Science in art, art in science: hint - we are looking here for beauty in natural design or how technology has helped create beauty. It could just demonstrate amazing colour in nature or a beautiful flower.
  • Intelligence in science: hint - anything you can capture which demonstrates intelligence such as camouflage/mimicry/problem solving. It doesn’t have to be animals and could be human ingenuity or even a plant tricking an animal!
  • Emotions in science: funny: hint - any STEM related photo which you think might raise a smile or touch our emotions in some way.
  • Medicine: hint - this could be any picture demonstrating medicine in action (not necessarily covid related) but should be taken by you and not taken from a web site. It will be judged based on how it helps people become inspired by how medicine helps the quality of people’s lives.

Photos can be taken on cameras or mobile phone devices. We ask you upload your images to the form below by the closing date (tbc) and the winners for each category will be announced shortly afterwards.

Submit your entry here

Guess the picture!

You will see 12 rather obscure photos and your job is to identify the image. Please attempt as many as you can before you submit your answers.

There will be two £20 amazon prizes for the winners. One winner taken from primary school children and one from secondary school students. Teachers and parents are very welcome to upload photos and will join the secondary school group for judging. Prize money may be split if there is a tie.


View photos and submit answers here

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