Outreach at Sevenoaks in the news

Supporting primary schools with outreach boxes, Independent Education Today, 3 January 2018

Supporting primary schools with outreach boxes, Edquater (online), 3 January 2018

St Thomas' are champs, Sevenoaks Chronicle, 23 November 2017

Hosts hold on to indoor schools' title, Sevenoaks Chronicle, 16 November 2017

Sevenoaks School develops outreach boxes to supply primary schools with additional resources, Independent Leader online, 13 November 2017

Education in the open economy, Telegraph, November 2017

How students around the world are learning in new ways, CNN.com, September 2017

Teaching that presses all the right buttons, Telegraph Independent Schools Guide, 7 September 2017

Crazy climate focus at summer school, Sevenoaks Chronicle, 7 September 2017

The wearable tech that's actually being used in real classrooms. Wareable.com, 5 September 2017

Artificial Intelligence In Education: Don't Ignore It, Harness It! Forbes, 22 August 2017

Primary and Secondary Education Reimagined, 2 July 2017

Immersive Learning, Education Business (Web), July 2017

E-Safety in Schools, Education Technology Magazine, June-July 2017 (p.41)

KAN students receive top university offers, East Kent Lifestyle Magazine, June 2017

Division 2 Primary Cricket Tournament- Sevenoaks Chronicle, 1 June

Inspiring lives at Sevenoaks School- Inside Kent Magazine, June Edition (p.176)

Sevenoaks students get creative at Hospice in the Weald- Inside Kent Blog, 2 June

Karren Brady Talk- INDEX Magazine, June edition

Kent Academies Network- Academy Today, 26 May

KAN students get top uni offers- Independent Education Today, 26 May

KAN students get top uni offers- Edquarter, 26 May

Primary Schools Partnership Bake-off- Sevenoaks Chronicle, May

Karren Brady Talk- Sevenoaks Chronicle, 25 May

Karren Brady Talk- Inside Kent magazine, 6 May

Getting Teachers’ Heads in the Virtual Reality Game- Racepoint Global, 6 February

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