Samsung 360 Camera

Imagine standing with a camera, clicking one simple button and the device taking a photograph of everything around you. You can then take that image and use it as a tour of your school, a photo on Facebook that others can see in VR or create an amazing 360° photo.

For details visit Samsung's website:

Samsung says:
The Gear 360 has evolved to let you record in 4K or broadcast live, and then make it your own with the Samsung Gear 360 app. And with the Gear 360's smaller size and redesigned, easy-to-grip body, memories aren't the only thing you'll want to hold onto. Completely portable and handheld, or has a standard tripod mount underneath.

You will need access to a Samsung mobile device to use this equipment as it requires you to download a free app, only available on Android.

* Please be aware, in order to share the resources fairly we loan boxes to schools for a 1-2 week period only (subject to availability) Any longer requests can be considered but not guaranteed.