USB Microscope

Welcome to the USB Microscope Outreach Pack.

Small digital microscope with USB wire straight into PC or Mac. Software and instructions included.
Great for field trips and front of class projection!


This Bresser Optik Biolux USB microscope with 4x digital zoom has been designed so that several people are able to view your findings simultaneously via the high quality 8.9cm (3.5") LCD Monitor.

Manufactured with two LED lighting units, the lighting for this impressive microscope can take place in three ways as you are able to illuminate the object from underneath, above or both.

The transmitted light unit is used for transparent preparations (preparations on glass slides). In order to see solid, non-transparent objects, the top illumination unit option is at hand.

(The top illumination unit is only useful when using the 4x objective, while the use of both lighting units at the same time is only effective with semi-transparent objects. This mode of operation is not recommended for transmitted light objects on slides, as it can lead to reflections on the slides.)

Another feature of the Optki Biolux is that you can take photos or record your observations as a movie sequence. The device has a memory card slot for SD cards and a USB port. Elsewhere, the magnification is 40-400-fold, while the digital zoom goes up to 1600 times (four times digital zoom).

Why not book these at the same time as the Human Body microscope slides?

* Please be aware, in order to share the resources fairly we loan boxes to schools for a 1-2 week period only (subject to availability) Any longer requests can be considered but not guaranteed.