Fossil Classroom Pack

18 real fossils

An outstanding set of fossils. This special set comes in a well-labelled, tidy display box, which can be easily transported and neatly stored.

These are real fossils, millions of years old!

The set includes one each of these fossils:

  • Ammonite 
  • Brachiopod
  • Rough Bryozoan
  • Carboniferous Crinoid
  • Coprolite
  • Coral
  • Crocodile Tooth
  • Dinosaur Eggshell
  • Dinosaur Tooth
  • Echinoid
  • Fish Vert
  • Gastropod
  • Gryphea
  • Polished Goniatite
  • Polished Orthoceras
  • Shark Tooth
  • Trilobite
  • Turtle Shell

Outreach Pack also includes:

  • Magnifying glasses x4, x8 and x12 (22mm) Triplet.
  • The SilverGeo┬« TriMag 4812 has three lenses, so you can swap easily between x4, x8 and x12 magnification. It is lightweight, made of plastic and ideal for children.


* Please be aware, in order to share the resources fairly we loan boxes to schools for a 1-2 week period only (subject to availability) Any longer requests can be considered but not guaranteed.