Caribbean Steel Pans

This Caribbean Steel Pan pack contains 11 desktop steel pans with stands and beaters as well as a copy of Andy Gleadhill’s Caribbean Steel Pan Book.

Using the same approach that has so successfully helped hundreds of generalist teachers to introduce African Drumming, Indonesian Gamelan, Brazilian Samba and other World Music styles in classrooms all over the UK, Andy’s book will show you basic techniques and warm-up exercises which cover all the elements of music.

The session guidance within will help you and your group progress rapidly through 10 weekly lessons, to the point that the class can perform a range of Steel Pan pieces confidently.

The steel pans have 8 notes, which are labelled and tuned to the scale of G.

The steel pan is very accessible and has both percussive and melodic musical capabilities, creating a well-rounded musical experience that children will love to take part in.