The KAN Student Journey

Year 9

In the Spring a new year 9 cohort is selected in association with partner schools, ahead of starting KAN with the summer residential at the end of year 9. This residential focuses on broadening acadeic interest and horizons, as well as establishing the mentor-mentee relationship and cohesion within the cohort.

Year 10

Over the course of year 10 students become familiar with the KAN ethos and start engaging meaningfully with their mentor. We begin to explore the journey towards Higher Education.  Students will become familiar with the KAN ethos and start engaging meaningfully with their mentor. They will participate in two meet-up days, one which will be held at a top university and one at Sevenoks. The two residential weeks (Easter and Summer) continue to focus on academic extension, which include group and individual projects.

Year 11

Students should use the KAN structures and culture to aid and facilitate their personal development and academic goals. They will be able to produce increasingly sophisticated academic work. In addition, they will be developing the ability to pursue individual interests and make compelling arguments.  The two residential weeks (although a shorter 3-day Easter residential) and two meet-up days focus on preparing for GCSEs, for example study-skills, tackling nerves and core subject revision). There will also be space for students to contemplate their upcoming transition to A-levels or the IB.

Year 12

As KAN students move into year 12 they will reflect on their GCSE results and show initiative in seeking an increasingly personalised KAN experience, which will begin to take place at the Autumn meet-up day. Post year-13 pathways are the focus of the Spring meet-up day. Whilst the Easter residential* focuses on academic extension the Summer residential includes project work designed to build University style learning habits and study skills, whilst giving the students a taster of university life at a Cambridge college. Students are also supported in making choices relating to University applications and start to draft their personal statement with their mentors.

Year 13

Students are supported on the pathways they have chosen to pursue, with Higher Education being the focus of an Autumn meet-up day, for example finalising personal statements and preparing for interviews. The Easter residential* provides a bespoke, intensive programme based on year 13 subjects including one-to-one and small group provision. Finally, students graduate with a celebration day during the July residential.