Apply to our University Access Programmes

In 2021 we are piloting a new parallel university access programme, called Aspire, in addition to our current (Core) programme which has been running since 2013.

Both Core and Aspire aim to remove barriers to Higher Education for the most able, but disadvantaged pupils. We do this by developing pupils’ confidence, knowledge, and agency so that they can set ambitious goals, and ultimately achieve them.

If you receive a place on our Aspire university access programme you will:

• Be connected with an undergraduate mentor, who you will see termly and communicate with via an online platform.
• Commit to attend two annual meet-up days at Sevenoaks school.
• Be given access to Unifrog, an online tool for exploring options.
• Be able to apply for grants for university visits and a free place at the Sevenoaks Summer School.

If you receive a place on our Core university access programme you will:

• Receive the same benefits as on Aspire
• Be expected to attend two residential events per year. A weekend at Sevenoaks School in the spring and a
week at Tonbridge School or Cambridge University in the summer.
• The place on the Core programme is conditional upon your commitment to the programme
and that you remain at your school.
• If you move school you will be moved onto the Aspire programme instead.


Tips for Applications

As part of the application we ask students to submit a personal statement explaining why you feel you are suitable for this scheme, and why you should gain a place on it. We want to hear about your drive, ambition and dreams. This is a four year scheme which will require genuine commitment from you. Below are some ideas to help you.

When writing your personal statement, consider the following:

  • What interests me?
  • What motivates me?
  • What do I want to be or have in the future?
  • An example of what I do outside of lessons that shows I have the commitment required.
  • Anything else I want to tell the interview panel about myself

Your teacher will be able to support you in writing your personal statement.