Student Feedback

Summer 2021

The sessions introduced a good variety of subjects that I haven’t had a chance to study before, and I found myself engaging with topics I didn’t expect to enjoy so much previously. Everybody who I had met for the first time this year (including mentors, speakers and other students) were incredibly nice and made the virtual experience really welcoming. The sessions were also well-organised and relatively easy to manage.

While I was sad that we couldn't have a physical, face-to-face program I think the KAN team did exceptionally well with the resources they had, managing to skilfully work around zoom, only giving out a single link and yet using the breakout rooms to their full advantage. I believe it was an amazing experience, and I'd recommend it to those who have been given the same opportunity. Everyone was really understanding, and I think the community KAN has created is very well structured and welcoming.

I have thoroughly enjoyed KAN this week. I have explored new things and enjoyed many sessions (especially the treating viruses one). I cannot wait to do this again. I was unable to keep up with my notes for the first day but came up with a way to copy them from the people presenting. I’m really looking forward to the next KAN week along with mentoring (I really like my mentor).

Everyone was involved and no matter what someone would always support your answer or have something constructive to say about it.

There was a wide variety of options to help me choose the ideal path for my future and how to get there. I found the Pathway CTM sessions very informative.

There was still so much content despite the programme being online, and the breakout rooms were used very effectively.

Student Survey Summer 2021