About KAN

The Kent Academies Network (KAN) currently comprises of Knole, Skinners Kent Academy, Oasis Isle of Sheppey, John Wallis Church of England, Marsh and their educational sponsors.

Each year the partner academies identify bright Year 9 students, prioritising the Free School Meals ‘Ever 6’ qualification and university first-generation pupils. After an application and interview process, two or three students are selected to be part of the KAN core cohort. There are currently four cohorts (one in each year-group) making up around 60 students in KAN.

The Students commit to KAN for their remaining time at school and attend annual residential weeks (at Easter and in the Summer) and ‘meet-up’ days (in Autumn and Spring). In small groups students are assigned undergraduate mentors, who play a central role in the delivery of the bespoke residential programmes. Our mentors provide academic support and pastoral guidance throughout the course of KAN via a secure online learning platform. For students, their mentor is a valuable source of knowledge and can act as a role-model.  There are currently over 20 mentors working for KAN and even more alumni, many of whom have gone on to develop a career within education.

In 2018 Sevenoaks School took over KAN, having already been deeply involved in its development since the programme’s inception in 2013.  This was made possible by the generous support of several sponsors and a key donor to Sevenoaks School Foundation, who share our commitment to improve access to university, and social mobility for students from non-selective schools across Kent.

If you are interested to know more, or want to be involved, please contact Isla the KAN Director here

94% of alumni from the university access programme have gone to university and I know first-hand, from being a mentor myself, how brilliant and transformative the four year programme can be. Being in a position to nurture and develop KAN is a privilege.

Isla Phillips, KAN Director

Upcoming Events

  • Monday’s study together, 08:50-09:50, weekly (Zoom)
  • January mentoring, 20 January 2021, 15:30 – 16:15 (Zoom)
  • February meet-up, 8 February 2021, 12:45 – 16:30 (Zoom)
  • March mentoring, 3 March 2021, 15:30 – 16:15 (Zoom)
  • 2021 Spring weekend, 26 – 29 March (Zoom)
  • 2021 Summer residential week, 4 – 10 July (Tonbridge School and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge)

Read our latest impact report and details of past KAN events below: