Monday 1 March

KS5 - Limitless: Drug targeting for the modern age 

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“What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?” What if the tagline to the 2011 film, Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper, were true? What if it were possible to engineer a drug compound that could change you overnight, turning you into an uber-intelligent, ultra-strong superhuman? Is this Hollywood science-fiction or is there a foundation in reality? In this talk, Dr Chris Martin, Head of Chemistry at Sevenoaks School, explores how developments in small-molecule targeting might just allow you to do whatever you want. 


KS2 - Design and 3D print a rocket-car 

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Learn about the Bloodhound project and its attempt to break the land speed record by travelling at 1000 miles an hour in a specially designed rock car. Learn about 3d printing and the Bloodhound LSR, aerodynamics and thrust. Using 3d software, add different parts to the rocket car and design it for aerodynamic and to handle thrust. This workshop is led by Mr Alex Colenso, Head of Technology at Sevenoaks School.

Those taking part would need access to a networked computer to use Tinkercad. This is a free online platform and we ask pupils to set up an account before the session.

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