Supporters of KAN

KAN’s success would not be possible without the generosity and commitment of many individuals and organisations. Friends of the programme, alumni, and staff and teachers from the academies and Sevenoaks School all volunteer their time and expertise.

The following organisations, and those that wish to remain anonymous, support the funding of the KAN university access programme.

We wish to thank them all for supporting KAN.

Accelerate and Access Foundation

The Accelerate and Access Foundation promotes social mobility through educational partnerships. AAAF shaped and launched the KAN university access programme and was a founding donor from 2013 until 2020.

Buffini Chao Foundation 

The Buffini Chao Foundation have generously supported KAN since 2018, particularly in the area of mentoring.

Fitzwilliam College

Fitzwilliam College was key in  KAN’s inception and was the original source for recruiting mentors. Fitzwilliam has generously hosted the summer residential week since 2013, now alternating with Queens’ College.

Queens' College, University of Cambridge

Queens’ College generously host the summer residential week for year 12 on alternating years. Kent is the link area for Queens’ College, and it is committed to supporting students in this area.

Sevenoaks School Foundation

The Foundation supports KAN through funding and the stewardship of donations to the programme. 

Make a donation to support KAN

We invite anyone who shares our commitment to improving access to university, to support the access programme with a philanthropic donation. Your generosity will make all the difference to the educational achievements and aspirations of Kent's young people.

You can make your gift by clicking here