Past Outreach Events

Drama Specialist Evening

Wednesday 13 December (18:00 – 21:00pm)
The Space, Sevenoaks School
(Drama teachers/specialists)

This was an exciting event for local drama teachers and specialists. The evening involved a Masterclass session, a discussion about how we can create a stable support network through our local schools and a session exploring the idea of creating a Drama Festival.

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Kathakali Workshop

Thursday 9 November 

Pamoja Hall, The Space, Sevenoaks School

(Suitable for Key Stage 2 & 3)

Kathakali the classical dance drama of Kerala, south India, using Mudras, an ancient sign language, characters, complex facial expressions and stunning costumes and make-up. These remarkable stories based on Hinduism expose human relationships, community disputes and the eternal search for spirituality. 

In addition to the spectacular performance of Kathakali there is an opportunity to take part in a south Indian music workshop, see the elaborate make up, view the beautiful costumes and meet the artists. Before each performance there is a demonstration of how the actor tells a story, followed by a short film.

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Tim Hollingsworth, OBE - Talk

Monday 6 November (3:15pm – 4:10pm)
Pamoja Hall, The Space, Sevenoaks School
(Suitable for Years 9, 10+ )

On Monday 6 November we welcomed Tim Hollingsworth (OBE) CEO of the British Paralympic Association to talk to students.

Tim spoke about his work with the BPA, the 2012 games and how your career can take you in unexpected directions. 

Jane Eyre (Matinee Performance)

Wednesday 11 October (1:30pm)
Pamoja Hall, The Space
(Suitable for Key Stage 2 & 3)

SSTC’s new adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s classic. Jane Eyre faces life’s obstacles head-on, surviving poverty, injustice and the discovery of bitter betrayal before taking the ultimate decision to follow her heart. It features a 30-strong ensemble who will bring this famous story to life through dynamic physical theatre and visual storytelling. Ideal for students of English studying the novel or Drama students reviewing live theatre and exploring different staging techniques.

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Oliver Twist

Tuesday 3 October (9:30am-10:30am.)
Pamoja Hall, The Space, Sevenoaks School
(Suitable for Key Stage 2 students)

M&M Theatre Productions adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic novel about an orphan in nineteenth-century London promotes awareness of stranger danger and the consequences of lying and stealing, along with many other themes, with songs from the musical. The audience will be immersed in the story and their imagination and emotions evoked in a way that promotes ongoing creative writing, reading and discussion.

Frances Hardinge

Monday 25 September
Pamoja Hall, The Space, Sevenoaks School
(Suitable for years 7 & 8)

In conjunction with Sevenoaks Bookshop, author Frances Hardinge spoke to the Lower School and visitors about writing stories that prey upon our irrational fears. Referring to three of her books, Cuckoo Song, The Lie Tree and her new novel, A Skinful of Shadows, she described how she creates suspense, creepiness and a sense that the world is no longer safe. Afterwards she answered pupils’ questions and signed books.

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Gifted & Talented Summer School

21- 24 August 2017

For several years, Sevenoaks School has been hosting summer schools for gifted and talented pupils from local primary schools. This year students will take part in a maths course, which will run for two days, and a science course which runs over four days.

Last week we welcomed over 40 local primary school children to our Gifted & Talented Science and Maths Summer School.

Science students spent the week learning about ‘Crazy Climates’ where they took part in a range of practical activities, from making their own wind turbines to experimenting with static electricity.

Our maths students had two days of being ‘Maths Detectives’ solving numerical tasks through a range of fun, interactive games and tasks.

“An excellent programme which our son has been fortunate to enjoy two years running. It only makes you realise as parents that we should have paid more attention at school ourselves! Thank you for the chance our son has been given by this programme.” Maths Course

“This was an amazing experience for my daughter who had previously already said she would like to attend Sevenoaks School. The summer school only reaffirmed for her the excellent resources and environment available there.” Science Course


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Past events - Summer 2017

To find out more about any of the events listed below, please contact Graeme Lawrie 

Summer Term 2017

16 June- From Empire to Brexit

22 June – Classics Lower School Play

22 June- Free matinee performance of The Mobile Phone Show/The Wardrobe

23 June- Head of Maths Day

24 June- Young Writers Workshop

27 June- Year 12 Science Day

2-8 July- Kent Academies Network (KAN) residential

5 July- Sevenoaks Partnership Orchestra Day



Previous outreach events 2016

We have held a number of events this academic year, and a number of schools and teachers attended the various events.  

Science Days - Primary and Prep Schools
Over 1500 local children enjoyed our two science days this term. 

Classics - Prep School Teacher Day

A number of prep school Greek and Latin teachers attended.  

Primary School Cricket Tournament 

Over 8 local primary schools submitted teams for this - well done to all the players. 

English - Prep and Primary School Teacher Day 

Over 20 prep and primary school English teachers attended this networking and workshop day.

Free matinee performance of Middle School production, Norse 

A number of local schools attended this matinee event. 

Gifted and Talented summer schools

Over 80 local primary school children attended our Science and Maths Gifted and Talented events in the summer holidays.