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Gifted & Talented Summer School

20- 23 August 2018 (Invitation only)

For several years, Sevenoaks School has been hosting summer schools for gifted and talented pupils from local primary schools. This year students will take part in a maths course (Code Breakers), which will run for two days, and a science course (Sensational Senses) which runs over four days.

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Events 2018/2019

Michael Griffin - Musical Development Talk

31 August 2018 (FREE admission)
6:30pm, Pamoja Hall

A must see presentation for students studying music and their parents. An interactive talk from the internationally renowned music educator and speaker Michael Griffin. Michael will equip students, teachers, adult learners and parents with the methods and mind-set required to maximise the prospect of learning music enjoyably and successfully.

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Tom Crean - Primary school matinee

26 September 2018 (Invitation only)
1:45pm, Sackville Theatre

We invite Year 5 and 6 pupils to join us for the exciting performance of Tom Crean. Hear the riveting true stories of Crean’s Antarctic explorations as one of the few men to serve with both Scott and Shackleton and survive three famous expeditions. His story is brought to life in this dramatic and humorous solo performance by Aidan Dooley. 

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Primary football tournament

16 November 2018 (Invitation only)
2:00pm, Sennocke Centre

We will invite a selection of primary schools in the local area to take part in the tournament. A presentation of medals for the winners and runners up of the tournament will be made at the end.

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Year 11 Higher Education Day

27 November 2018 (Local secondary schools invited)
Time TBC, Pamoja Hall

A series of talks (by University representatives/HE specialists) targeted at Year 11 students on Sixth Form subject choices, researching university courses, the skills needed for university and the workplace

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