About our partnerships programme

At Sevenoaks, we have harnessed a spirit of community support, voluntary service and committment to partnerships through our staff and our students. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to partnerships, we have appointed a Director of the Insititure of Service and Partnerships, Cat Davison. This role is to manage and maximise the activities on offer, and ensure that the quality and quantity of activities and services is in line with the expectations of the community and our local schools. 

The support from Sevenoaks in providing the children of our school rich, learning experiences has been outstanding!

Helen Roberts - Headteacher of Otford Primary


Our partnerships programme does not focus completely on education, but there is a strong link with schools, students and teachers in everything that we do.

We are keen to not only provide for others, but also use this as an educational experience for students and staff at Sevenoaks School, giving them the opportunity to get involved and promote the school's philanthropic ethos. 

As a school we have some superb facilities, resources and individuals, and can offer activities and support to those that would like to take advantage of them. 

Looking forward to being invited next year to Sevenoaks Innovation week. An incredible experience that our boys really enjoyed. Thank you!

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